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Suggestions bar not appearing...

Posted 10 years ago

Hey guys,

I've already checked on the interface tab under preferences and the "show suggestions bar after output" is enabled. But for some weird reason, it doesn't appear after my inputs.

For example, if I had the input x^2, the suggestions bar would normally have some suggestions such as plot, integrate or differentiate, etc.

Do someone have any idea how to sort this problem out?


POSTED BY: itachi xx
13 Replies
Posted 3 years ago

Good Morning:

Thank you for your suggestion. It worked like a charm. I can now continue working through the various tutorials.


POSTED BY: William Swiger
Posted 3 years ago

It is now 2021 and I am running version 12.2 student edition. The suggestions bar is not showing even though the preferences box is properly checked.

I tried the fix suggested 7 years ago, copying and pasting the code and evaluating a couple of times to no avail.

Any suggestions on getting this to work?


POSTED BY: William Swiger

Sorry for the trivial suggestion, but do you see this expander button? if yes, click on it. It will show the suggestion bar.

enter image description here

POSTED BY: Ahmed Elbanna

Okay...the paclet has been updated. Now all that remains is to force your version 9 paclet manager to grab the latest version of it. To do so, evaluate this code:


The call to PacletFind will return a list of Paclet expressions. If one of them is version 2.3.0, then the update was successful. Restart Mathematica, and the suggestions bar should begin working.

POSTED BY: John Fultz
Posted 10 years ago

Thank you very much,

This piece of code worked fine for me! I now have the suggestion bar again!

Thank you!

POSTED BY: Laurent Hayez
Posted 10 years ago

Thanks alot John! Got the suggestion working for me too!

POSTED BY: itachi xx


Is there any way that we, the user, could be alerted when a packet update, or any new content from the cloud is being downloaded and installed. I'm thinking of how my virus checker lets me know when definitions are benign updated.

If I knew that a download was in progress, I might not quit Mathematica until after the download was complete. Also, we would know that if anything was odd after an update, we'd have a clue where to look.


I'm not aware of a way to be notified.

The download mechanism is robust...there's no damage if you quit Mathematica while a download is occurring.

POSTED BY: John Fultz

Oh, dear. Thanks for the heads up.

It's a bit embarrassing, but it turns out that we recently shipped out a bug-fix update to the v10 suggestion mechanism via paclet manager update, and that update incorrectly was flagged to go to v9 users as well. The v10 version of the paclet is not compatible with v9, and so it's just completely falling over on your system.

We're in the process of fixing this right now. When we do, we'll post something here about how to force Mathematica to grab the fix ahead of its typical weekly schedule.

POSTED BY: John Fultz
Posted 10 years ago


I have the same issue! I am currently running Mathematica 9 on Mac OSX x86. I tried a clean start (SHIFT+ALT+open mathematica) but I can't see the suggestion bar. The checkbox in the preferences is checked.

I hope someone will find a solution to this issue.

POSTED BY: Laurent Hayez
Posted 10 years ago

I'm having the same issue, checked preferences and did a clean start, still no suggestions bar.

POSTED BY: Brandon G

Reset initialization files? The quick test is to hold down the SHIFT key as Mathematica starts up.

The bigger hammer is platform-dependent. See .

POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
Posted 10 years ago

Me too. And it is not a configuration problem, because the check box at preferences in edit menu are checked to show suggestion bar after last output. I'm using version 9. Any idea?

POSTED BY: Jeovane Sousa
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