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video tutorial on Wolfram Language available

Posted 10 years ago

Wolfram Research has prepared a 3 part video tutorial (starring me LOL as lecturer) on the Fundamentals of the Wolfram Language.

it can be viewed at and at

there are both a notebook and a pdf (42 pages long) containing the material presented in the video and it is a good idea to download it (links are provided to it at the sites), print it our and use it to follow along with the lecture. it also is a a good reference source to have around, and it's free.

i hope this is useful to the community. it sure was fun for me to learn the Wolfram Language (WL), to use it to write code in 4 books and to teach it for many years.

happy hacking.

POSTED BY: Richard Gaylord
5 Replies


POSTED BY: Marcelo De Cicco
Posted 10 years ago

thanks for responding, tim. i don't even know what Entities are.

POSTED BY: Richard Gaylord

Richard, I watched these yesterday. Excellent stuff. I'd like to see more. :-)

David, he doesn't go into Entities. It is more of an intro to WL and focuses on basic language features. The videos cleared up a few things for me (particularly pattern matching).

POSTED BY: Tim Mayes

Great! I will watch these Richard. Quick question: do you give an introduction to things like Entities and the ecosystem surrounding them?

POSTED BY: David Reiss

That is great material! Thanks a lot for sharing. It will be fantastic for the students in some of the courses I teach.



POSTED BY: Marco Thiel
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