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Packages and documentation

Could somebody give me a clear and step by step explanation of how to create documentation that appears in the Help Page (in the Add-ons page)? Haven't managed to do it. Documentation is not terribly clear in this regard. Any help is very welcome Francisco

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There is not a simple documented way to do this efficiently as far as I know. However, one way to approach it is to use tools in Wolfram workbench. I have not use these so I cannot comment on them. There is a fair amount of complexity and setting things up for the documentation center. However I and some others in the past have a reverse engineered some of this and some information on this appears in the Documentation Center Notes notebook at the following link:

Note that this was written several versions of Mathematica ago, so there maybe details that are no longer quite correct. I have not checked it recently. However it will give you a sense of what the internal mechanics are.

You will also want to take a look at the documentation for Wolfram workbench to see how it can be used with its tools to create documentation center pages.

POSTED BY: David Reiss

Many thanks for this, excellent resource. Will work with this and if I have some problem will come back with further requests.

Since this process is such a critical area for the language and for all of us for whom Mathematica is a fundamental tool, it would be important to document it well and clearly.

Thanks again and best regards, Francisco

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