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Showing the size of a selected image in the WindowStatusArea

Posted 12 years ago
When an image is selected, it would be nice to see the size indicated in the WindowStatusArea, 
It shows there is one resize the image, but it would be nice to see it before the resizing starts.
POSTED BY: Luc Barthelet
2 Replies
Note that the current behavior that shows the display size upon resizing happens for all objects that have a graphical display (Graphics, Graphics3D, Graph, Image, Image3D, etc) and yes, the display size is shown instead of the actual size.

I agree that showing object-dependent information in the status bar will be more useful in most cases and especially for images... we will look into this. Thanks.
POSTED BY: Shadi Ashnai
I would find this very useful too. Currently only when we drag orange frame the visible image size is shown:

It'd be great to have it even during static selection. Additionally the actual image size would be great to know - something like this:

I have to use //ImageDimensions quite often when working with images. Maybe some other meta information can be put there too. Of course we can find a lot of useful info now in image assistant:

POSTED BY: Vitaliy Kaurov
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