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Mathematica can't print properly?

Posted 10 years ago

It seems that I can't print correctly with a setting of printing scale. For example, I have some plots in a notebook,

Grid@Table[Plot[Sin[x], {x, 0, 2 ?}, ImageSize -> Medium], {4}, {4}]

enter image description here

when I print with scale 70%,

enter image description here

I get something like

enter image description here

I always get a big blank at the top of the page, no matter what I set the margins in the printing options dialog.

Are there ways to fix this problem?

I'm using 10.0.2 on OS X 10.10.1

Note that it's also posted at

POSTED BY: xslittlegrass *
2 Replies

OK. I got the grid to "print" out by making the scale 60% and doing a Save As... to PDF.

Under Print Settings/Printing options... I also set the top margin to 0.5 inches, and the top margin decreased, but the issue we see with printing is not caused by this setting.

I trued printing the document physically, as well as doing the pdf preview, and I saw that the top margin was even bigger and the graphs were still cut off in the same way. It looks to me like the Mathematica Print engine is hosed.

Setting the scale to 40% and trying to print in Portrait mode results in more of the image being cutoff horizontally and an even larger margin at the top.

The attached file is the Save as PDF at 60%, landscape mode that works.

I will file a bug report.

Posted 4 years ago

Was this ever addressed in last five years? Having similar problems.

POSTED BY: Paul Nielan
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