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How to deploy simulations on the Wolfram Cloud

Posted 10 years ago

Hi, I am a new by user of Wolfram cloud. I try to deploy a simulation program using the manipulate facility. Its running is controlled by the user. The following code runs on my personal computer. On the cloud, it is running only for one time step. This is maybe due to a wrong use of mathematica functions or to the use of mathematica function that is not still implemented in the Wolfram cloud ? Has some one an answer ?





  If[(status == Start) && year < 20, year ++, status = Stop];

  If[(status == Stop), year = 1];

  {ToString[wplot] <> " Y:" <> ToString[year] <> " S:" <>     ToString[status] <> " A:" <> ToString[Aa]},

  Control[{{status, Stop, "Status"}, {Start, Stop, "Pause"}}],

  Control[{{year, 1, "Year"}, 1, 20, 1, Enabled -> False,     Appearance ->  "Labeled"}],

  Control[{{Aa, 0, "A"}, 0, 10, 1, Appearance ->  "Labeled"}],

  Control[{{wplot, La, "Views"}, {La, Lb, Lc},     ControlType -> PopupMenu}],

  ContentSize -> {400, 50} 

POSTED BY: Christian Mullon

Animations like this have not been implemented yet. Another simple example to try (the result in the cloud is just a Manipulate)

CloudDeploy[Animate[Plot[Sinc[a x], {x, -10, 10}, PlotRange -> 2], {a, 1, 5}, AnimationRunning -> True]]
POSTED BY: Chad Knutson
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