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Problem in uploading demonstrations

Hi All,

I am trying to upload a demonstration project in wolfram demonstration site through authoring area but it shows me the following error.

Unsupported Mathematica Version, Please upgrade to 7 or downgrade to 9.

I am using Mathematica 10. Is it that I can not upload any demonstrations created with Mathematica 10?

Any help is highly appreciated.


POSTED BY: suvadip mandal
9 Replies
Posted 10 years ago

Consider also that, according to the last post (by Andre Kuzniarek of Wolfram Research) in this thread, the release of a new version of CDF Player (compatible with Mathematica 10) is expected in few weeks.

Anyway, people having older versions of the free CDF Player, will need to update to the future new version to see the CDF file created with MMA 10 without errors (pink screen).

Posted 10 years ago

Thanks! I will try modifying some of the graphics options (of which I used many for this project).


POSTED BY: Jim Baldwin
Posted 10 years ago

No, don't remove the UntrackedVariables.

As far as I can guess there can be other minor compatibility issues between file generated with MMA 10 and the previous versions of CDF Player (apart from the reknown UndoTrackedVariables). Another issue could be the graphics options since the color schemes changed heavily from v.9 to v.10. So you could try removing the non standard displaying options.

You could also ask the people who see the "pink" screen what version of CDF Player have installed (maybe they are on a way older version) and if, hovering on the pink image with the mouse, they see some tooltip describing the error.


Posted 10 years ago

I am still confused about this. I have sent CDF documents written in Mathematica 10.02 to folks that get the "pink" screen when they use the CDF player in Internet Explorer (Windows 7) but when I view the same CDF document on my Windows 7 Internet Explorer (on the same machine with 10.02) everything looks and operates fine. (Yes, I hate it, too, when others don't attach examples but in this case I can't as the project is not mine to distribute.)

Looking at the CDF document in a text editor I see an "UntrackedVariables" statement


but no UndoTrackedVariables.

I also see that UndoTrackedVariables is in the online help but UntrackedVariables is not.

Should I be removing UntrackedVariables, too?

Thanks for any clarification.

POSTED BY: Jim Baldwin
Posted 10 years ago

The best solution I found (posted here) is:

  • In MMA 10 export the notebook as CDF (File - CDF Export). Let's say you call it test.cdf and save it in D:\
  • Close the CDF File and, always In MMA 10, open a new notebook (or use an existing one) and paste the code:
cdf = Import["D:\\test.cdf"];
Delete[cdf, Most@Flatten@Position[cdf, UndoTrackedVariables]];
Export["D:\\test_v9.cdf", %]
  • After that you should have a new CDF file (named test_9.cdf and created in D:), compatible with the CDF Player v.9, that shouldn't give anymore any error message.

As for the next release of an updated version of CDF Player, it should be imminent at least according to the last post (by Andre Kuzniarek of Wolfram Research) published in this thread.


Hi Luca,

Thank you for your answer. But my question is

How can I upload a demonstration which is created with Mathematica 10 ?

POSTED BY: suvadip mandal
Posted 10 years ago

You can also try this workaround (and keep on using v.10)


Thanks for your reply. Seems like I had to go back to version 9.

POSTED BY: suvadip mandal

Is it that I can not upload any demonstrations created with Mathematica 10?

You need to use version 9 to create the demo with, then you can upload it ok. See for discussion on CDF support and version 10.

POSTED BY: Nasser M. Abbasi
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