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A Smart Cities Hackathon. 20-22 February 2015, at UPC, Barcelona, Spain

Posted 10 years ago

This hackathon is intended to propose some challenges around the Smart City Concept and offer the participants to showcase its skills, learn emerging technologies and share ideas.

Main objective is to promote the usage of the iCity platform building new services based on PC or embedded systems such as simple platforms like Raspberry Pi or Galileo boards. In particular, to develop applications through iCity Platform, interacting with opened city’s Information Systems to provide public interest services. In particular, Information Services offered by Municipality of Barcelona. Main topics are Data acquisition and actuation, Monitoring and management, Security, Transport and Mobility, e-Government, Environment, Tourism and culture, Sustainability.

The Hackathon is opened to developers, students, researchers, business thinkers, policy analysts, journalists, designers, community organizers, urban planners, or anyone else who is interested in solving the biggest urban challenges today. Bernat Espigule will be available during the event to teach you the Wolfram language for projects developed with Raspberry Pi.

Global event:

Local event:

POSTED BY: Anna Calveras

Anna, thank you very much for organizing this event. I really enjoyed it. Here is the post that I've just published about the hackathon: A Smart Programing Language for a Smart Cities Hackathon.

POSTED BY: Bernat Espigulé
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