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integrate { x^2/(xsinx+cosx)^2}

Posted 10 years ago

please write step by step solution

POSTED BY: Anushree Saxena


is this a Mathematica problem, or do you just need the solution to this particular exercise? If it is a Mathematica problem, note that all functions like Integrate or Sin or Cos start with a capital letter. Arguments are given in square brackets. You also will need to specify what the integration variable is.

If you type:


you obtain a nice description of how integrate works, i.e. the syntax.

enter image description here

So you might expect something like this to work better:

Integrate[x^2/(x Sin[x] + Cos[x])^2, x]

Mathematica itself does not give you the step-by-step solution. But if you type a double equal sign at the beginning of the input cell and then the integral above, you get a nice interface

enter image description here

It says "step-by-step" solution, so you might want to click this. This is how it is usually done. In this particular case you will encounter a problem.



POSTED BY: Marco Thiel
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