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How to solve a complex ODE system on mathematica?

Posted 10 years ago

I need to solve the following system:

$2 \frac{d A_p} { dx} = -i B A_s$

$\frac{x}{2} \frac{d A_s}{dx} + 3/4 A_s = -i B^* A_p$

$\frac{d^2 B}{ d^2 x} = -A_p A_s^*$

with the initial condition:



$B(0) = -i 0.075$

$ \frac{d B}{ dx} =0$

Can you help me to solve it with Mathematica? Thank you so much!!!

2 Replies

One step you can start with is to reformulate the system as well as the boundary conditions for the six functions which are the real and imaginary parts of $A_s(x)=A^{1}_s(x)+i A^2_s(x), A_p(x)=A^1_p(x) + i A^2_p(x)$, and $B(x)=B^1(x)+iB^2(x)$. Is the independent variable $x$ real or it is complex?

POSTED BY: Udo Krause

Hi, thank you for your answer! x is real..

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