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HELP with Mathematica Homework

Posted 8 years ago
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Write a module that takes as input a positive integer m prints the first m positive odd numbers and returns the sum of the numbers it printed. You should use the Print command in the module. Look it up in the Wolfram Documentation center available under the Help tab. Run this module for 3 different numbers between 20 and 50.

POSTED BY: Erly Solis
2 Replies

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sounds like homework. This should work:

f[m_Integer] := Module[{k = m}, Table[Print[2 (j - 1) + 1], {j, 1, k}]; 
  StringJoin[{{"The sum is ", ToString[Evaluate[Total[Table[2 (j - 1) + 1, {j, 1, k}]]]]}, "."}]]

You can easily evaluate that for three different numbers.

The print command is somewhat artificial, because table does it anyway. But here is a variant where the Print is important:

g[m_Integer] := Module[{k = m}, For[j = 1, j <= k, j++, Print[2 (j - 1) + 1]]; 
  StringJoin[{{"The sum is ", ToString[Evaluate[Total[Table[2 (j - 1) + 1, {j, 1, k}]]]]}, "."}]]



POSTED BY: Marco Thiel

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