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How to I permanently set default window margins upon Mathematica bootup?

Posted 9 years ago

Hi, Every time I open Mathematica and auto starts a new notebook it opens with non-ideal margins. I'd like to change this setting.

I'd like the default window margins to be something I choose. Can I do this in the option inspector? Or can I change the default stylesheet to accomplish this? Or can I programmatically make Mathematica do this upon bootup? If so... how?

Thanks in advance. Sorry for all the questions. I'm on spring break and am having some fun learning all that I can while I can. Thank you!


POSTED BY: Michael McCain
2 Replies

I apolgozie for the ambiguity. I was referring to the WindowMargins in your case 1.

POSTED BY: Michael McCain

I think we first have to clarify what "Margins" means. It can be a bit ambiguous.

Do this mean WindowMargins? (

Or maybe you want to leave more space around the Notebook's cells with CellMargins? (

POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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