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FrontEnd Job Error with Workbench

Posted 10 years ago

I've just updated to 10.1 version and installed workbench 2. It does not function properly however. Specifically when I try to open a notebook from WB2 it returns the following error:

An internal error occurred during: "FrontEnd Job::Open Notebook". com.wolfram.jlink.NativeLink.MLOpenString(Ljava/lang/String;[Ljava/lang/String;)J

Did anyone encounter this before? Is there a work around? I'm on W7 x64 if that matters.

Thanks in advance!

POSTED BY: Alex Isakov
4 Replies

Maybe the number of Workbench users is really very very small and therefore WRI staff thinks it should not be worked on with high priority? Or they do not care anymore about serious programmers? Which I doubt. So maybe there is something else, like they work hard on my suggestion to implement parallel MUnit testing. Or they fix this very strange FrontEnd bug which causes each notebook to be opened always two times, when clicked, or they are speeding up the slow documentation building process or they improve the buggy parser ( turning a whole .m file sometimes red) or they follow my suggestion to always immediately include Workbench with normal Mathematica, please with an improved debugger and profiler). Or, even more exciting: imagine they would come up with an improved, more JLink-package-like library (BeginPackage ) mechanism.

So who knows: maybe five developers are working hard to surprise us positively. I really was very much positively surprised by things like Encrypt, Inactive, RunProcess etc. in V10.

POSTED BY: Rolf Mertig

Let's hope that a Workbench 3 is released 'soon'. Even if Wolfram just gives us what their developers are using internally would be a great help.

Posted 10 years ago

George, thanks for your suggestion. I've actually got new WB3.. yet it did not solve my problem. Workbench won't open an nb file or build the project. It seems from the searches I've done it might be a java problem or an "ant" problem yet it is beyond me what that means.

POSTED BY: Alex Isakov

Workbench 2.0 has issues with Mathematica 10.x. There are other discussions in the community about this.

You can try contacting tech support to see if they will send you a beta of Workbench 3. I did this shortly after Mathematica 10 was released.

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