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Deletion of Questions?

Posted 9 years ago

There was a posted question Vector Graph that looked like a homework question. I answered it anyway because I often learn myself from such questions and I wanted to show a more elaborated development. Just before I started my posting I renewed the page to make sure it hadn't already been answered and that it was still there.

But after I made my posting the page disappeared and thus my answer never appeared. This is a bit irritating considering time involved. I'm wondering if the page was removed by the moderation team or the author. If it was by the author then perhaps he really was getting his homework done and then hiding it. If it was by the moderation team then I wonder why, or wish they had removed it sooner.

3 Replies
Posted 9 years ago

I totally agree with Jack that the student who cheat never learn,personally has happened to me that there are some interesting things that I learn in the university and some time passes so that it can be to make Mathematica, without all the help in the community i have provided it would be virtually impossible to do so, in addition, each time someone helps to resolve the doubts learns more about the program that contributes to making better code and verify our results,

POSTED BY: Luis Ledesma

I think it's a question that warrants further discussion.

The idea that questions should be restricted to the discussion of Wolfram products, if it means excluding questions where the balance of the question is mathematics, science or education and not strictly the Wolfram language, is not the best policy. The application of WL to such endeavors seems to be its main usage. And it can provide entirely new approaches. It's not possible to draw a boundary line.

Who cares if some student is getting a homework problem done for him? Are we going to send the morals police to spray his laptop with green paint? Maybe he's totally flummoxed because he hasn't had sufficient exposure to Mathematica. Is this not often the case? It's a good opportunity to teach Mathematica, better technique, extended features and style. If he just copies it into a notebook will the instructor mistake it for the student's work? Most students might actually learn from it. They're stuck and asking for help. If the student is an outright cheat and doesn't learn anything - well that's his problem.

Education would be much better if students were assessed through essay questions where they not only produced a result but also used presentations and textual explanations - all produced with Wolfram products of course.


please have a look at this:

where it was made quite clear to me that we are not allowed to reply to homework questions. When I answered the question was not marked as homework. The links below show that we need to try to figure out what homework is; if we reply we appear to breach the community guidelines. In many cases it is difficult to be sure whether a post is about homework. I suppose that a conservative approach is in order then and one should refrain from replying.

This advice has changed my approach to replies here in the community substantially, but I fully understand that the Moderation team has to, well, moderate. Their place, their rules.

I do not think that a poster can delete your reply.

Best wishes,


PS: Please also refer to


POSTED BY: Marco Thiel
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