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AIML + Wolfram Language + IoT + Machine Learning Algorythims

Posted 6 years ago
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First, does WL support AIML? I know you can run other types of code but is this one of them?

If not, I think either WL should adopt some of the logic from AIML for developers to implement or create an AIML interpreter so all we have to do is upload our AIML libraries.

Most AIML chatbots and virtual assistants use Wolfram Alpha on the back end anyway. Why not bring that use case in-house?

There is a lot more to AIML and WL than chat bots though. When you combine them with WL classification algorithms you can easily deploy NLP models in low memory devices for IoT.

Anyone else thinking along these lines?

4 Replies


Interesting. Since AIML is an XML dialect, I guess you can use part of the Wolfram Language built-in support for XML.


Very cool. Thank you a ton. Which I knew more programming so I could figure out how to make an WL interpreter that could incorporate the AIML files.

I would be willing to pay someone to build a WL interpreter that I could use with my AIML files. Any takers?

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