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HELP! How to properly add/manipulate COLORS and LINE THICKNESS to plots?

Hello again - sorry to be stupid. I have posted several notes within past week and have answers to most of them. I DID find solution to 'resolution' question I raised on this Forum buried in 'help' files. Coupla NEW questions: 1.) How to best adjust 'line thickness' for a plotted function[s]; & 2.) How to color the plotted output 'graph line'. Here is a brief example:

D1 =Line[{{?/4},{12?/4}}];   

D1 - 1 is 'subscript'

ParametricPlot3D[{(2+Sin[8u])Cos[u],(5+Cos[8u])Sin[u],Sin[8u]},{u}?D 1 ,Boxed ->False, Axes ->False]

(Pls see attachment) Where in syntax do I enter a 'color' command - I just want the sin/cos plot in 'Purple' color; also, I would like to make plot line 'thicker', but see multiple commands/structures for 'thick[ness]'. etc.

Thank you in advance for help -- RPP

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Hi Ravi-Praveenkumar Padnaram,

thank you very much for your kind words. I am glad if what I wrote helped.

I am not working for Wolfram, but I do really like the technology that they produce. I work at a University and I teach using Mathematica. I see that you are interested in Astronomy and Supersymmetry. I guess that the features of the recent versions of Mathematica must be very useful then. Also, a basic account of the Wolfram Programming Cloud is indeed free.

Given that you are interested in Astronomy (I assume from a rather theoretical perspective) you might like this:

Telescope control with Mathematica

Telescope control 2

another one

All that stuff is basically free if you have a RaspberryPi. I got students to do really cool projects with Mathematica on a Raspberry.

Best wishes and thank you,


POSTED BY: Marco Thiel

Marco -- EXCELLENT !!! -- I thank you very much !!!! (Also, I attempted to send u a return 'e-mail' coupla days ago to thank you for your FORMER help - here is/was content: "[[Marco -- You really didn't need to go thru all that just to get me a solution !!! However, thank you very much. Indeed, these 2 (ContourPlot3D; ParametricPlot3D) are very good 'substitutes' for Sphere command. I use both [and others] in my 2.2. I just today downloaded a 'trial version' of 10.1; also went online & used their 'cloud' to run a few 'Sphere' generations. How is COLOR of spheres controlled; in my 2.2, color is random when generating multiple random plots (I believe; maybe I haven't added sufficient/correct commands. i.e. - if I evaluate: rcoord := {Random[ ], Random[ ], Random[ ]} ; and then: Show[Graphics3D[ Table[Cuboid[20rcoord], {25}] ]] or Show[Graphics3D[ Table[Sphere[10 rcoord], {20}] ]] using 10.1, is there a 'color' command to insert either in the 'rcoord' statement or within the NUMBER of geometric figures to show - possibly - Show[Graphics3D[ Table[Sphere[10 rcoord], {20; color -> Random}] ]] ??? ) Again, THX !!!! Sorry to bother ]]" ). --- have since found the many 'color' options.

Also, I have been going thru the documentation and finding many 'features' and solving most of my own issues w/Rev 10.1. What I haven't found [yet] is a good tutorial on ' where/how to properly insert/use some/all of these formatting commands/functions within the syntax of the general math function itself ' - i.e. - Does 'Boxed -> True' (or other formatting) require certain LOCATION in the overall statement? I seem to recall an error message stating '... X needs to be placed no more than 3 commands from end...' --- maybe I'm just getting senile! Having used 2.2 since YOU were in diapers (Ha Ha), I find 10.1 incredibly rich in content/capability; but of course, in this business, nothing is free !!! With increased complexity/richness comes concomitant increase in degrees of freedom of syntax ( I think).
Thanks again for assistance. BTW - u work at Wolfram ?? Where do u find time to solve problems submitted by idiots like me ???? RPP



D1 = Line[{{\[Pi]/4}, {12 \[Pi]/4}}];
ParametricPlot3D[{(2 + Sin[8 u]) Cos[u], (5 + Cos[8 u]) Sin[u], Sin[8 u]}, {u} \[Element] D1, Boxed -> False, Axes -> False, PlotStyle -> Directive[Purple, Thickness[0.04]]]

enter image description here



POSTED BY: Marco Thiel
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