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Idea for simplifying documents construction with titles, subsections, etc

Posted 11 years ago
I'd like it to be easier to construct documents with hierarchies of titles, subtitles, subsections, etc.

For example, sometimes I am not sure if I should be starting a new section, or a new subtitle... I often find myself selecting the most previous non-input/output cell to determine what kind of section I am in, click on the formatting menu item and search to see what what my current environment is.

This would be simplified if I had an option---say in the Working Environment---to turn on a visual indicator or a tool tip that I could use to identify the different kind of cells.

I wonder if anyone else might find this useful?

POSTED BY: W. Craig Carter
3 Replies
If you type something, a new cell is created. Now use (CTRL +. several times until the cell bracked is marked. Now use ALT+1 ALT+2 to ALT+9 to change the current cell style from  "Title" down to "Text" or "Code".
POSTED BY: Joerg Schoenau
You can frequently use tab and delete to navigate the cell style hierarchy.

For example, if you have a Section cell, successively typing tab at the beginning of the cell will change it to Subsection, Subsubsection, etc..., down to Subsubsubsubsection, which doesn't even show up in the menus by default. Typing delete will go back up the hierarchy.  You can also use alt-enter to create a new cell with the same style as the previous cell.
POSTED BY: Brett Champion
There are a few user interface tools in Mathematica that are helpful with styling a hierarchical document. I am not sure if you are familiar with them, so I'll mention how I use them. There are 2 main things to know during document design workflows:
  • what style/formatting you are currently in
  • how to quickly find/apply new style/formatting

1) For me the quickest way is the following. I go to top menu Window >> Show Toolbar. You can see on the image below it adds a toolbar to the notebook. And as I denoted with arrows, if you click on a specific cell the toolbar will tell you what style you are currently in. You can also use it to change style or select new style for a new cell you will work with.

2) Top menu Palette >> Writing Assistant can be really helpful

3) There are stylesheets dedicated specifically to hierarchical styling. Go, for example, top menu File >> New >> Styled Notebook and choose "Outline":

POSTED BY: Vitaliy Kaurov
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