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How to disable the Suggestion Bar on deployed objects ?

Posted 12 years ago
With Mma 9, on a deployed object, a suggestion bar still appears under the object ...  with no suggestion ...
For exemple when an inputfiled is selected in the deployed object. This is very annoying  ...

It is possible to set the ShowPredictiveInterface->False at the notebook level,
but how can we remove the bar contextual to the object. Is there a correponding Style or Deploy  options ?

POSTED BY: Nicolas Venuti
If the ShowPredictiveInterface option is set to False on the Input cell, then you won't get any predictions.  For example, add this to the code in the Input cell:

CurrentValue[EvaluationCell[], ShowPredictiveInterface] = False;

It's also possible to avoid the predictive interface by using Print or CellPrint to create your outputs, but that's not guaranteed to be true in future versions of Mathematica.
POSTED BY: John Fultz
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