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Minipulate Parametricplot3D

Posted 9 years ago

I defined the following function

Catalandef[t_][u_, v_] := Cos[t] {u - Sin[u] Cosh[v], 
    1 - Cos[u] Cosh[v], -4 Sin[u/2] Sinh[v/2]} + 
  Sin[t] {v - Cos[u] Sinh[v], Sin[u] Sinh[v], 
    4 - 4 Cos[u/2] Cosh[v/2]}

and I want to make a Manipulate windows to see how Catalan minimal surface (Catalandef[0][u,v]) enter image description here

is deformating in the corresponding conjugate minimal surface. I tried with

Manipulate[ ParametricPlot3D[
  Catalandef[t][u, v],{u,0,2\[Pi]},{v,-2,2}], {t, 0, \[Pi]/2}]

and it didn't work...I would be grateful for some help...Thank you!

POSTED BY: teo ytriu
Posted 9 years ago

It works!

enter image description here

POSTED BY: Erik Mahieu
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