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MacBook Pro with Windows OS

Posted 12 years ago
Does anybody has experiance on this configuration with Mathematica?
Any resolution problems on retina display?
POSTED BY: mitja lakner
3 Replies
Posted 12 years ago
I have done this with a Macbook Air, so I can't comment on the retina display but I can comment on running a fairly heavy software stack on relatively low-end hardware (my MBA has only 2 Gb of RAM, for example). I run Mathematica on top of Windows 7 on top of VMWare Fusion on top of Mac OSX. Along with Mathematica, I am running a MySQL server, which is live and feeding data to Mathematica. It's more sluggish than running on OSX directly but perfectly usable.
POSTED BY: Michael Stern
A developer's suggestion for improving the appearance of Mathematica on Retina displays under MacOS
(worth trying with Windows guest OS):

    1. (In the Host OS) Go to System Preferences -> Displays -> Display and select Resolution: Scaled -> More Space

    2. After launching Mathematica (on the guest OS), set the Magnification to something like 125%.
POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
I have this configuration and Mathematica looks fine, no difference with other Win 7 programs. I run Windows 7 on Mac via Boot Camp. According to Apple, Windows 7 and 8 using Boot Camp on Mac, are both supported for the Retina display. I can confirm that - screen resolution on Win 7 is of retina specs. Everything looks pretty small though - according to the resolution. But that can be always adjusted via display settings or in the paticular program via zoom. 
POSTED BY: Vitaliy Kaurov
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