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Overplotting Graphics on GeoGraphics

Posted 9 years ago

I have a parametric plot and a GeoGraphic of the same size and I want to overplot them. Show doesn't seem to like to use both at the same time though it will display either. How can I put regular Graphics on top of GeoGraphics?

flightpath oceanmap

POSTED BY: Michael Person
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Hi Michael,

there re lots of possibilities there. One is this (as I did not have your functions I just made something up):

ImageCompose[GeoGraphics[GeoDisk[{0, 0}, Quantity[1000, "Miles"]]], ParametricPlot[{Cos[t], Sin[t]}, {t, 0, 2 Pi}, 
PlotStyle -> Directive[Black, Thick], Axes -> False, PlotRange -> {{-2, 2}, {-2, 2}}]]

enter image description here



POSTED BY: Marco Thiel


pplot = ParametricPlot[{165 + 10*Sin[3 u], -45 + 10*Sin[2 u]}, {u, 0,  2 Pi}];    
pp = pplot[[1]] /. Line[a_] :> Line[GeoPosition[Reverse /@ a]];    
GeoGraphics[pp, GeoRange -> {{-55, -35}, {155, 175}}, GeoProjection -> "Equirectangular"]

enter image description here

POSTED BY: Bjorn Zimmermann

ImageCompose! Whole new vistas are now opened to me. It worked with my data first try. Thanks!!!!


POSTED BY: Michael Person
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