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Plot legend

Posted 9 years ago


I am stuck here for a while and any help would be greatly appreciated..

So this is the code,

p1 = ListLinePlot[{t, t1, t2}]

p2 = ListLinePlot[{td, td1, td2}]

Panel[GraphicsGrid[{{p1, p2}, {p1, p2}}], {"Deposition", Rotate["Plant Biomass", Pi/2]}, {Bottom, Left}, Background -> White]

and I used this for creating a graphic grid

enter image description here

Now, I wanted to name those lines , For example Yellow line = plot 1, Green Line= plot2 and Blue line = plot 3.. I tried using Plotlegend and it seemingly does not work ..Is there any other alternative command for this?

Thanks in advance

POSTED BY: ash ash
4 Replies

The PlotLegends package is a bit old, but still useful.

You can also use LineLegend:

LineLegend[{Red, Green, Blue}, {"red", "green", "blue"}]

This creates a separate legend and then you can join it to the panel using GraphicsRow:

GraphicsRow[{Panel[...], LineLegend[...]}]
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
Posted 9 years ago

PlotLegends should be an argument of ListLinePlot, for instance:

ListLinePlot[Prime[Range[25]], Filling -> Axis, PlotLegends -> "Prime Numbers"]
POSTED BY: Xavier Roy
Posted 9 years ago


PlotLegend (with a capital L) works by calling the package PlotLegends


Otherwise you can also try PlotLegends (so with an 's' at the end) which does not need any package.

Best, Xavier

POSTED BY: Xavier Roy
Posted 9 years ago


It doesnt really work.. Got an error saying Unknown option PlotLegends for Panel. >> It doesn't work along when creating a panel :(

POSTED BY: ash ash
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