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Profile Quirk

Posted 11 years ago
This is a strange little bug ---

I've successfully changed some of my proflie information, including posting a photo, etc.

However, though I have changed and saved it at least 10 times, my first name refuses to behave.  Right now my name shows as rob.holman Holman.  When I try to edit this field and save the change, it seems to have worked for the rest of that particular log-in session.  However, if I navigate away from the page and come back, there's the same old incorrect first name.

Very minor, but an irritation nonetheless. 
POSTED BY: Rob Holman
3 Replies
Thanks much!
POSTED BY: Rob Holman
Thank you for reporting this, we'll look into it. For now I thin I fixed your specific profile. 
POSTED BY: Vitaliy Kaurov
Posted 11 years ago
I had a similar problem while setting up my profile.  I solved the problem by disabling my tracking software (Ghostery) and whitelisting the Wolfram Community.
POSTED BY: Randy Hutson
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