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Wolfram Browser doesn't show dynamic content anymore

Posted 6 years ago
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I'm have a problem Mathematica CDFs and Wolfram Demonstration Projects not working in my browser anymore. I'm running Firefox 40.0.3, Wolfram Mathematica plugin 10.2.30747.35309, Mathematica 10.2.0, CDFplayer 10.2.0, and Windows 8.1. The same problem occurs in IE as well. Some fields give the following error message:

This dynamic content could not be displayed because dynamic updating has been disabled in the Evaluation menu.

Other fields with images or plots are just blank and no additional information is displayed when you hover over them. I went to the Wolfram CDF example webpages and get the same problem. Originally, I noticed the problem on my Wordpress website but the Wolfram Demonstration Projects don't display anything either. I downloaded a file and it ran fine in Mathematica once I enabled dynamics. Local CDFs work too. Does anyone have a suggestion what might be going on?

3 Replies

Can you open the the CDFplayer as a desktop application?

When you open the CDFplayer look at the toolbar, do you see "Evaluation" in it. In that menu you should see "Enable Dynamic Updating". Normally, there should be a check mark next to it. Please click it to enable Dynamic updating.

Make sure this is checked in Mathematica as well.

If this doesn't work, I would suggest contacting Wolfram Technical Support (

Hi Sean, The CDFplayer works locally on my desktop without a problem. It doesn't require that I enable dynamic content either. I downloaded a wolfram demo project that would not run via the browser, and that runs on my local desktop after dynamics are enabled. I'm thinking that the browser plugin might be configured with dynamics disabled so no CDF should work. It's not clear how to enable this function. Wolfram technical support message said it could take up to three days for a response.

You got me thinking about this so I downloaded and installed CDFplayer from the Wolfram website thinking that it might update my browser plugin as I installed Mathematica 10.2.0 in July from a March 2015 release. This seems to have fixed the problem. The Wolfram Mathematica plugin is now version 10.2.30747.44909. All is computational well again.

Posted 6 years ago

Is this maybe related to similar problems discussed here ?

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