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Newest version of the MathWorld Packages ?

Posted 6 years ago
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The place where they are supposed to be that comes up in searches is:

I was trying to run a downloaded MathWorld program, and my version doesn't have the package I need:

<< MathWorld`HyperbolicTiling`

This probably seems to be long term as I find references to not being able to download the packages going back to 2013 on the web.

6 Replies

Those packages are no longer supported or updated, and hence no longer available. We should look into new features of constantly evolving Wolfram Language and write those specific applications ourselves.

That is just a real shame. I've learned a lot from those notebooks and packages.

Is there some record of the last updated version online.

I do not think so.

Thanks, that is more recent than the version I have (2004, I think)

I tried that link yesterday and it wasn't working.

I tried it several times in fact.

It was frustration that made me post: I usually find these things out on my own.

But that can take time...Eric W. Weisstein seems to have moved on?

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