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WebMathematica users active here?

Hi all, just checking in to see if there are any other developers on the web here!
POSTED BY: Bjorn Cole
7 Replies
I have done a lot of webMathematica development...
POSTED BY: Luc Barthelet
Yes, I use it in combination with Wordpress but I don't publish anything. Why do you ask?
Martim, that would be very interesting to look at. Do you have public example online? I followed link on your profile but it seems to be broken or inactive. 
POSTED BY: Vitaliy Kaurov
Vitaliy, I have everything running in my local computer. I will figure out a way to deploy it to the web and I will let you know about it.
I was hoping to bounce quirks, issues, interesting things off folks here ...

One thing I'm currently struggling with (and have a support ticket in for) is a very hard to squash configuration issue we are dealing with on Linux. All kernel functions work properly, but if we try to use MSPShow or MSPFormat with StandardForm (InputForm and OutputForm work just fine), the page just hangs and eventually gives us a timeout error.
POSTED BY: Bjorn Cole
Also I should note that the server has worked perfectly up until recently when we tried to add another Tomcat instance. However, even after pulling it down we still have the trouble. I occasionally reproduce the error on a Windows localhost but only intermittedly.
POSTED BY: Bjorn Cole
I'm working also with webMathematica and interested in share experiences...

By the way, when will be available the 3.2 update ???
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