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[GIF] Dynamic Bubble Chart for Time Series

Posted 5 years ago
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I was inspired by Hans Rosling talking on TED in 2006. The dynamic bubble chart tells a good story. His speech was recorded in 2006, so I am wondering what has changed after nearly 10 years later.

W|A provides same quality data and I should plot those data with BubbleChart, easily. Unfornately, BubbleChart has a very strange diameter, so I use Graphics instead, finally.

GIF shows below with totally 57 countries for time series from 1964 to 2013.

  • each bubble stand for a country (diameter is population);
  • biggest bubble is China, 2nd biggest is India, etc;
  • x axis is total fertility rate, y axes is life expectancy;
  • population less than 10 million are filtered. (If too less population, the point is really too small.);
  • country history data is available from W|A

enter image description here

8 Replies

Nice visualisation! great job! Perhaps add PlotRangeClipping -> True to your plot so the circles are not plotted outside the box.

Posted 5 years ago

Hi Sander, Good eyesight! Thank your for your tips!

Posted 4 years ago

Hi Wu,I'm very amazed by Hans Rosling splendid exposition using his amazing tool -bought by Google-..please give us the code for generating this beautiful living charts--very informative--..please show us the will be highly generous..

Posted 4 years ago

Hi Wu,I want to tell you that Rosling has many other presentations since 2006..try youtube and you'll find a series of gorgeous talks by Rosling in different places in the world..this is the site where you find the software he uses in his talks..with updated data:

Google after buying this piece of ingenious code..called "Trendalyzer "..had integrate it ..with some modifications in their online docs.

Dear @Frederick Wu, very nice post! Could you share the code for this post? You can paste it in the post or attach the notebook.

Posted 4 years ago

I attached the code with data on top. Download all data from WA is time consuming.

Posted 4 years ago

Thank you @Frederick Wu ,I've also found a very similar demonstration in the wolfram demonstrations website,very sophisticated ,well designed and very helpful,thank you again.

Evolution of the Fertility, Life Expectancy, and Population in Different Parts of World

enter image description here

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