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Cool videos that teach Wolfram Language to beginners

Posted 5 years ago
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I have been developing videos to teach Wolfram Language to people who have never used it before. These videos are based on the chapters of Stephen Wolfram's new book, An Elementary Introduction to the Wolfram Language. I made these videos to appeal to the people who prefer watching videos to reading books.

The first time I used Mathematica was in school and my teacher, Mr. Hoek, gave me a love of the language that I couldn't have found elsewhere. He taught Mathematica using a cool style. He would type and speak as the class so as to better teach the concepts. He would also give interesting problems that truly challenged the class to think and use what he had just taught. The most important part is that he made learning Mathematica fun!!! I have based the videos style on his teaching style; typing and speaking while trying my hardest to make them fun and exciting.

The process of making these videos has been interesting. Despite the fact that they are only 5 minutes long, they are not that simple to make. First I write the script for the video. Then, I record the typing for the video very slowly so mistakes don't appear in the video. I then fast forward it anywhere from 2 to 8 times depending on the section. I then add in my voice over it and fit the timing and the sections to match my voice.

I have called the videos Learning Coding with Kogan. Here is the link to the youtube channel:

Lesson 1: Elementary Arithmetic

Lesson 2: Introducing Functions

Lesson 3: First Look At Lists

Any feedback would be great. Also please subscribe to the videos and share them with your friends.



14 Replies

Good job sir! You might want to add "wolfram language" and or "Mathematica" in your video titles to attract more people!

Awesome. This should be useful for anyone wanting to connect kids with programming.

I have now added two new videos to my series corresponding to chapters 4 and 5 of Stephen Wolfram's book An Elementary Introduction To The Wolfram Language. Also thank you very much for your feedback. I have taken your advice and added the word Mathematica to the video's titles. I hope you enjoy these two new videos. More are to come shortly.

Mathematica Lesson 4: Displaying Lists

Mathematica Lesson 5: Operations on Lists

Posted 5 years ago

Very nice indeed ! Keep them coming !

Nice work on the videos, great energy. What are you using to display the text as if it is being typed in real time? Does it also work for BoxData, such as superscripts and fractions?


I considered writing code to play the text, but found it was easier to just record myself typing it and then I edited it and added my voice over it after. As I type fractions and superscripts I just use the keyboard shortcuts, such as control + / for fractions and command + 9 to make it look like code.

Nice work. I am still new to Wolfram Language so I will watch all these videos and give you feedback from my perspective.

@Jonathan Kogan, this is a really nice work! I am looking forward to the new videos. How often do you come out with new ones and do you always post here when they appear? Also, how long does it take to make a one video and what goes in the process? I am thinking to make a few myself.

Hey Jonathan, I finally had a little spare time and watched all your videos. First off, the videos are really excellent; you have a great knack for explaining things in an easy to understand manner with a great fluidity to your speaking.

I only have two very minor complaints.

1) It feels like I am watching your videos on 1.25 speed. Possibly slow down just a little and don't feel rushed to move onto the next concept.

2) In the first video, considering this is for beginners, it might be a good idea to explain shift+enter/?/some basic syntax etc instead of in the second video.

Overall excellent work and I would love to see some more videos in the intermediate range!


Thanks. To answer your question. I try to make a video at least once every two weeks. In fact I have just posted a new video, which explains Tables.

I have found that the process that works best in making them is first writing a script, then recording myself typing the script, and then adding in my voice. The last step is then editing the video so that the timing of each part is correct.

Thanks for your advice. I will take it into account in my future videos. I am glad that you enjoyed them.

My next two videos are now on Youtube. They are Lesson 7: Colors and Styles and Lesson 8: Basic Graphics Objects. Enjoy!!!

I have just added two more videos to my youtube channel. They are Lesson 9: Interactive Manipulation and Lesson 10: Images. The image lesson is a fun one. I hope you like them.

They are really cool videos. As a suggestion, I would end up with an image of a resume of the concepts or the functions you just talked about. Students could stop and copy those great useful functions and try to use them after. Please keep on doing.

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