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Wow! Thank you so much, man. For more understanding, is it possible to show correlation values on the figure?
I really appreciate your time, Rohit. Your solution ways always are incredible. Thank you.
Hi Marco, How many weather stations did you use for plotting this animation? Or did you just consider only one station? Thank you so much.
Alec, I took a 60 seconds high-quality video from another river. The surface water velocity is 1.66 m/s. It may be better for video analysis. Please see the enclosed video. Alex
H Peter, Great work. Congrats! Is it possible to do the same compuations for a lake e.g. Urmia and Caspian ? Thank you so much.
Hi Jim, Thank you so much for your useful explains. I have more than 5000 data for finding outliers. I just wanted to learn with the lists including small numbers of elements.
I appreciate your time, Prof.Carter. At least you lit a lantern. Alex
Hi Rohit, Unfortunately, I got some errors. ![enter image description here][1] [1]:
Rohit, I deeply appreciate your time :)
Dear Sjoerd, May I have your email address? I have a question about the LSTM model. Thank you so much.