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Hmm, I have donloaded the installer on my Ubuntu 5.15.0-40-generic x86_64 yesterday, but nothing happens after execution. No window, no process, nothing. I contacted support and they proposed a reboot, which I did. Today, the linux installer is even...
Brilliant! I have a lot of different equation systems, but all with similar complexity (number of equations and variables). Indeed, your approach is pretty fast. Thanks!
I think this post may help you:
What about this? eq = {2 x >= y, 2 z >= y, 2 x + y Equal, GreaterEqual :> Equal}) &, eq, {{1}, {3}}] (*{2 x == y, 2 z >= y, 2 x + y == 4, y + 2 z
After all that Euro crisis it's nice to see that you have added an example of finding a Hamiltonian path from Greece to Germany: ;-)
I'm sorry, but I must have been very blind. The %PATH% was not including the WOLFRAM LIBRARY FOLDER. It was not added by default.
Hi Ilian, thanks for hint! I have found the file and modified it, but CTRL + 0 is already used: MenuItem["End &Inline Cell", "MoveNextCell", MenuKey["0", Modifiers->{"Control"}]] So I modified it using "F8" instead. It works as expected....
Hello, have you already tested the GPIO speed? Currently, I am using wiringPi ( to use the GPIOs at high speed. If the Wolfram language is sufficiently fast, I could move from compiled C to...