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I feel this is a morally wrong solution, avira not coming back till they fix this.
Can anyone help me understand why the `Compile` fails here: f = Compile[{{\[Sigma]t, _Real, 1}, {s\[Rho], _Complex, 1}, {dt, _Real, 1}, {x, _Real}, {nnt, _Integer}}, Module[{kz = 1/2 x, \[Sigma] = \[Sigma]t, d = dt, i,...
`Split` is a problem here. It's up in a few comments.
I got the `Gather` part: it just tests all possible combinations of elements in the sublist, not to neighbors. Any way to change that?
Not sure `NestWhile` will work in my case: It generates random number and then sees whether there is a matching pattern in a nested list, if yes then replaces that element with it and does sub algebra of merging sublists, if not the just appends it...
Do I understand correctly that `AccuracyGoal` option in `NonlinearModelFit` specifies the accuracy of the parameters that are sought by fitting? The problem is that when I monitor the steps it is obvious that it quickly reaches the `AccuracyGoal` but...
The function itself seems to be correct and gives correct results. I just don't understand what's happening in the `NonlinearModelFit`.
I was just thinking that if G is multidimensional, say 100, there should be a way to pass it as an argument to a function.