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I wrote some long code, which basically is to calculate a function `int[vars]` with `Module` but NonlinearModelFit doesn't recognize it! It just takes it as a constant, which is wrong. Any ideas why this is happening?
yes , indeed, I should have cleared previous definitions.
Thanks. What's the reason the commands you mentioned aren't as good as `Throw Catch`?
The `ImageSize -> Scaled[0.7]` seem to be causing the problem.
I don't see how that answers the question.
Seems to work, thanks.
Is there any genetic methods for NonlinearModelFit, one that would attempt to find global minimum instead of local?
I produced a plot which has many features on it and want to export it as an image, say png. However when I use `Export["test.png", Out[530], ImageSize -> Scaled[0.8]]` the resolution is low, when I use `Export["test.png", Out[530], ImageResolution->...
How can I prevent moving to new line after using Print? The reason I am asking is that I need to output dynamic element which will be edited and then calculation done and output something else next to it.