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Yes, I am looking for this but I need to export the data in excel sheet and then plot. When I export it does not have any data. Do you have any idea how to get this?
I haven't tried NDSolve because I don't know how to describe the boundary condition in NDSolve.
I am having some problems again. When I changed my parameters values the output is not generating. it's giving me an error related to precision. N::meprec: Internal precision limit $MaxExtraPrecision = 50.` reached The parameters that I have...
I was working on Mathematica file and then I saved it but it saved in a .c file (C file) instead of .nb. I tried to open it again but it does not work. It's giving me a blank file and written failed on it. How can I open it again on Mathematica?
Thanks for your response. I tried this but still, the result is too long. How can I further improve it?
Thanks for your response. It means I will take the second result.
Thanks for your response. I found one mistake in my BC, that Up should be in terms of yp in first BC. So, I corrected it but still don't get the result. Kindly check the corrected code. Subscript[U, p] = (Sqrt[Da] E^(-((Y...
Good work. You did a great job, highly appreciated.
I have two couple equations and I want to decouple it. How can I do it? any help will be appreciated. eq1 = k*X''[Y] + Bi*(Z[Y] - X[Y]) == Subscript[U, p]/Subscript[U, m]; eq2 = Z''[Y] - Bi*(Z[Y] - X[Y]) == 0;
No, I have PDE and then I converted into ODE's. Actually what I am looking for, the solution of PDE. when I tried to solve my PDE it does not give me an answer so I converted into ODE's and then try to solve. I got the solution of ODE's but need to...