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This simplifies it indeed. Thank you very much Andras
Dear Community, I've written a fairly large notebook, which I have then converted to a CDF file. How can I set it so, that upon opening with the CDF Player it automatically starts to execute? Tx in advance, best regards Andras
My idea would be: x = Range[1 , 5] ; y = Range[6 , 10] ; combxy = Table[ { x[[ i ]] , y[[ i ]] } , { i , 1 , Length[x] } ] ;
Tx very much for the tip Jan :-) best regards Andras
Dear Frank, Perfect, thank you very much :-). Andras
Dear Hans, Very elegant, thank you very much! best regards Andras
Dear Gianluca, Works perfect, thank you very much, great help to my work :-) best regards Andras
As I learned recently from Gianluca Gorni, try the Inset function. best regards Andras
Dear Neil, Thank you very much for the quick answer :-) best regards Andras
Thank you very much for your comment. I've sent you a contacting e-mail directly. best regards Andras