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Excellent. Much obliged, Eric. Never thought of mapping FreeQ over the sub-elements to look for Missing. And thanks for the insight on FullForm. Greg
Hi Rohit, Crystal clear. Good stuff, thanks! Greg
Good stuff! Thank you, Eric.
Excellent first session!
Hi Jos, Sorry for late reply. Have a look at this. timelineData = "1954-05-20", "All Along the Watchtower" -> "1967-12-07", "Sultans of Swing" -> "1978-05-19" |>; TimelinePlot[timelineData, ...
Hi Hans, Thanks, but I tried that and it didn't work. I get "An unexpected response was received during message transport." Greg
That would do the trick. Thanks!
Good stuff. Thanks. I'll have to do my homework on RegEx so that I can switch between Wolfram functions and RegEx.
Thanks for the tip, Sean. Looking back, I should have included "CSV" in the subject header of my post, but at the time I thought the issue my be something more than export format.
Much obliged, Rohit. I will look into Homebrew and qpdf. Greg