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I am new to Mathematica but for several years I have been using Delphi for mathematical modeling. In Delphi, applications are called Projects and a project will comprise several Units. I created a unit that I named Toobox. It contained many functions...
When I execute a Manipulate exercise, the on-screen output shows the numerical value of a slider position without any problem [the result appears clearly in the little box below the slider bar]. But when I print the output cell, the numerical value...
This is a good question and I am surprised no-one has come up with an answer so far. I would also like to increase the size of the output cell on my Manipulate exercises.
Hans, looks like my plan is the same as the procedure you used in your example. I have tried it and it works in the way that I wanted.
Anyone out there interested in interactive tutorials on Chromatography, specifically Ion Chromatography?