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OH, GOOD! I was wondering. Thanks, Abrita!
GeoPosition of the counties is included. One down. Two to go! &[Wolfram Notebook][1] [1]:
Hi, Bijal! Frustrating, isn't it?! It is difficult to know if the problem is on our end, or the browser, or WolframU. I always managed to get it going. In fact, I just finished the final yesterday. You'll be successful! P.S. What time is it...
This was a GOOOOD problem to work out!
Beautiful work, Shenghui! I made a copy :D
##You are welcome so much, Lina! :-D##
Hello Vitaliy, Read all of Abrita's post then you'll know everything you need to do. :D
David, You could use (your code)//Timing on a small portion of your data to see which is fastest before you run the whole shebang! Would love to know how it works out for you :D Lori
Hi Rich, I have been looking for something like this! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rohit, What happened to us just inspiring each other with our creativity?!?! When you answer questions that haven’t been asked you steal the joy of figuring things out. It is also condescending to assume that another person hasn’t already found...