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Thanks for the link David
Thank you very much for your help Jake
I got lost with what you posted.
That worked great, wish I had seen it a long time ago. Thanks for your help. Jake
That is such a good question. I have been using the program for a long time and I still have problems. For an example that I have had since 2005 i[t_?NumericQ] := 0.3*10^-9 UnitStep[10 \[Tau] - t] UnitStep[t] What was he or she doing with this...
Thanks David, your answer helped me with a dynamic system I was working on.
Welcome Patrick. We share several things with out past work. I started working with FORTRAN in 69. I too have taught Mechanical Engineering to many officers from the Millington TN Navy base back in the 80s. I also did work on AI, and then ANN. ...
Your answer also helped me. Jake
I am trying to use the book style sheet in V10 of Mathematica. When ever I bring up Title and try to put in a letter the program switches to a different type of cell. I keep trying and trying different cells and I keep different types of cells, I...
thank you