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Rauan Kaldybaev
Rauan Kaldybaev
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LOCATION: Astana, Kazakhstan
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Affiliated Research Fellow at The Wolfram Physics Project

Rauan is a Williams College student and formerly a member of the Kazakhstan National Team for Olympiad Physics. He has always been a curious person and had started dreaming of becoming a scientist from as young as four years old. (He also considered being a fireman, a musician, or an engineer but eventually deemed science more exciting.) Later on, he chose to focus on physics, computer science, and mathematics as the three disciplines most interesting to him. As a hobby, he grows cacti, engages in various engineering projects, cycles, and walks, both as exercise and as a meditation. In winter, he likes to watch sunrises and sunsets. Last but not least, he is a huge lover of music; his favorite genres are progressive rock, Romantic-era music, and jazz. He is Wolfram High School Summer Camp alumnus.