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The layout looks great. It's also nice using the Grid function instead of Row. I am grateful for the attention Gustavo.
Rohit I am grateful for the information.
Thank you for your response and attention Gustavo.
Hi Rohit I am grateful for the response and attention.
This worked. Thanks for listening. Regards, Sinval
I am grateful for the attention. Regards
I tried to create a new style (in Input format) called Input2 for a Stylesheet, but when I type the name of the style in the “Enter a style name” box and press Enter, a Text style is inserted with the name Input2 and I couldn't changes it to the...
This has been answered in [StackExchange][1] There are several solutions, but [@Carl Woll][at0] 's is the easiest to implement: CellMargins->AbsoluteCurrentValue[ ...
Thanks for your attention Mike. My issue has been resolved. Regards Sinval
Thanks for the attention and tips. I am also consulting the Tutorial: Finite Element Method. Regards. Sinval