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Hi, Michael! Could you double check that you: a) have `libxcb-randr` installed b) the vnc server is using it
Wow, this is a really interesting and informative read. Thanks!
Very nice work!
At the moment in Mathematica 13 the `Dataset` implementation is still less efficient than we'd like, but we are working on it.
Your problem is separate from most of the discussion here, which is specific to changes and updates made in Mathematica 12.2.0. Please contact Wolfram Technical Support (, and include all...
We have been aware of this issue for quite some time. I cannot give any estimate on a time frame for a fix, though.
Indeed, the builds for all three platforms (macOS, Windows and Linux) were replaced on 6/23 with ones that have a fix for this issue.
> After the restart back on the page and a download was started again (this did not happen with previous installs) There it is downloading the neural network that `ImageRestyle` uses. This should only happen once. I've never seen that kind of...
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I've notified the developers of this issue.
Note that you don't need any secret internal functions to get the layer association or the edge list for the `NetGraph`. This will return the association of layers: ``` NetExtract[ngt2, All] ``` And this will return the connectivity information: ...