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That is an interesting work and relates to an older Community post ["Computationally solving "Easy Cube" and "Soma Cube" games / puzzles"]( And of course those polycubes look better ...
Well done Simeon! Your project can be an excellent demonstration in [Wolfram Demonstration Project][1]. You have developed couple of functions that are suitable for [Wolfram Function Repository][2], too. Looking forward to seeing your demo in...
Well done Hamza! Looking forward to see how much you can go with the inverse problem, which is quite challenging. BTW, you've developed some interesting functions (e.g., intensity, peak and etc) that are suitable for [Wolfram Function Repository][1]....
Your project is great, Anwesha! :)
Thank you, Noelle :)
Very interesting! Nice job!
Great job :)
Great job :)
Thank you, Lena!