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It appears this is achieved with Dendrogram by specifying "Average" for ClusterDissimilarityFunction.
Thanks, but I must use Graphics as there are other items in this visualization.
I'm interested in importing and navigating in Mathematica v12.2 desktop a recent GenBank whole genome of Ficus carica cultivar Dottato: I've come up empty handed in the...
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Well done, again!
labspace[l_, a_, b_, i_, cs_] := Block[{}, (List @@ ColorConvert[ColorConvert[LABColor[{l, a, b}], cs], "LAB"])[[i]]]; lmindata = NMinimize[{labspace[l, a, b, 1, "HSB"], (-1 3,...
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Wow, that's compact. Thank you for the programming insight. :)
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Are there other ways to Do something once without additional overhead? Here's a short example, but I have instances with dozens of lines of code. If[overwriteBrightBandsPlot, Do[ Export[brightBandsPlotPNGfile, LPXH2]; ...