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Thank you Michael Rogers, this have given me an idea of how the integration works. It's just that, for integrations without using Mathematica, we would use Simpson's Rules or Trapeziodal rule for integration for numerical integration, to obtain...
Hello guys, can you help me with my problem in this thread? in that discussion, the formula is just an example of my work using ParametricNDSolveValue, the problem surfaced when FindRoot have an...
I don't know if Mac have different interface but check the top, Palette> Basic Math Assistant
I'm sorry, that is a very broad question. I just want to know what everybody was doing with Mathematica other than calculations. Maybe programming a hardware?..... Well you already answer me with another broad answer. What can Mathematica "not" do?
You can try AppendTo[] AppendTo[SaveSolution,Solution] Each time you run your model, your final result will be save in SaveSolution in a list.
Thanks again for your help and your advice, Dr. Charles Elliott (correct me if I'm wrong). I will try to digest everything. Hopefully.
Hello guys, I've been working on ParametricNDSolveValue with 4th order Runge-Kutta method and sometimes I received this error ParametricNDSolveValue::mxst: Maximum number of 10000 steps reached at the point x$214882$215402 ==...
Hello again, here I encounter 1 problem, Apparently when I wanted to have the thermal conductivity of water above 373 K, the data retrieved change into water vapour thermal conductivity. Is there anyway to get the data in liquid form?
I love how your guys speak in scientific language.
Hello everyone, I've been using Mathematica for a couple of months or so, and just stumble upon this thread XD I'm a master student in mechanical engineering.