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> This is asking for a 40Hz tone, which is well below the frequency response capabilities of most computer audio systems. That's no excuse for distortion and noise.
> There is a little Cloud symbol on the upper right which is indicating that this does not work in the cloud. As I said, it does work in the cloud. Just it does not work in the IDE. > So I thought that it is documented that it is not supported...
> is the online version of Mathematica's documentation. Not here. It redirects to the "Wolfram Language & System ยป Documentation Center" accessed by the Programming Could IDE Help. > The documentation has not been...
Sorry to be unclear. I want to know the set of of Wolfram Language statements supported. A plain list will do fine.
Same messup on latest Firefox: ![enter image description here][1] [1]: /c/portal/getImageAttachment?filename=f5OIUAj.png&userId=536539
> This fits with how it was meant to be used. That being by guesswork, it seems :) Thanks.
This was asked a year ago: Is there a list somewhere that shows which Mathematica functions and commands are not supported in the Cloud? and got no answer. Help IDs some unsupported functions...
This fails: SocialMediaData["Facebook", "FriendNetwork"] despite that Help does not ID this function as non-Cloud.