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The i.c. is not ignored. It's because `NDSolve` hasn't used enough grid points for spatial discretization. Hans doesn't observe this phenomenon in version 7 because there's a silent change in prior error estimation of `NDSolve` in version 9. This...
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As far as I know, the stand way for attacking this type of problem is _unfolding_ the cone to a sector: ![enter image description here][1] In the new coordinate system the coordinate of A and B is p@A = {60, 0}; p@B =...
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Recently a friend of mine complained to me, there seems to be no easy way to calculate _critical values of Durbin-Watson d statistic_ in _Mathematica_. Though my knowledge for statistics is primary, this sounds like something easy to implement, or...
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But how can I get the corresponding international phonetic alphabet (IPA)? `WolframAlpha` doesn't seem to help.