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Mathematica 11.1 Is Out Now!

Posted 7 years ago

Mathematica 11.1 is out now! With over 100 new functions, the latest version significantly expands Mathematica's already state-of-the-art capabilities in machine learning, neural networks, audio processing, robust descriptive statistics and more. Longtime users will also notice a major redesign to the appearance of our documentation.

Machine Learning

Neural Networks

  • Neural network functionality has been significantly enhanced, adding seamless support for variable-length sequences and recurrent networks, over 20 new layer types, powerful new network combinators and a growing library of pre-trained neural nets to use as building blocks

  • Obtain a trained version of existing neural nets or specific properties of a given net with NetModel

Audio Processing

  • Record audio from various connected devices through an interactive user interface using AudioCapture

  • Integrated audio analysis functionality that computes loudness or plots the cepstrum of a recording

More Cool New Functionality

  • CurrentImage has been significantly rewritten for faster dynamic image capturing

  • New functions useful in microscope image processing: BrightnessEqualize and Image3DProjection

  • The addition of new region properties and region constructors greatly increases geometric computation functionality: SierpinskiMesh, MengerMesh, CantorMesh, HilbertCurve, PeanoCurve and more

  • Robust descriptive statistics functionality with applications in location, dispersion and shape characterization

  • New functions for performing web searches (WebSearch, WebImageSearch) and translating text between dozens of languages (TextTranslation)

  • Create customizable visualizations of geographic properties that can wrap entities with GeoBubbleChart

  • Completely redesigned documentation with responsive layout

POSTED BY: John Moore
10 Replies

And there are actually more functions than show there. Functions like URLFetch (superseded by URLRead and URLExecute) are not counted in any of those bars.

POSTED BY: Gustavo Delfino

I guess this is a count of functions that have stood the test of time ;-)

POSTED BY: Sander Huisman

Here is a plot of the number of functions for each release:


enter image description here

POSTED BY: Sander Huisman
Posted 7 years ago

A reboot fixed the problem.

POSTED BY: Mark Fisher
Posted 7 years ago

I upgraded to Version 11.1 on my macbook pro and the new coloring makes the autocompletion help unreadable. I think it consists of very dark blue text on a black background. Is there some way I can fix this?

POSTED BY: Mark Fisher

I tested this on my MacBook Pro (2016) and saw no problem.

Posted 7 years ago

This is what it looks like.

POSTED BY: Mark Fisher

Here is a screen short on my computer:enter image description here

Posted 7 years ago

Is this new release actually available for test and upgrade?

I could not find any link or clue on the subject on the Wolfram site.

Does anyone know about it?



Hi, I have just upgraded it. Go to Your User Portal and do it! Good luck Christos

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