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Using Smartsheet with Mathematica


I want to share a notebook that you can find on this link.
In this notebook I explain how Mathematica can integrate with Smartsheet and what the benefits are.
Smartsheet is a system of shared data based on sheet objects (from spread sheet to Gantt charts)
The notebook contains code that implements the main functions:
  • fetching a sheet id
  • fetching sheet data
  • constructing a wbs code
I think it is worthwile to have a look at this.
From my experience, a very interesting path opens towards easy data aquisition over many and dispersed team members.
I hope you will find this interesting too.

You can always contact me at should you need more info on the code.


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Thank you for your comment.
I use the integration with Smartsheet for capturing data from Gantt chart s(project schedules), then produce progress reports in CDF format.
This 5 min video shows the complete system at work. Once the video leaves the Smartsheet environment you will see a webMathematica application at work, and finally the CDF report generated with it.

My recommendation to community would be to experiment with Smartsheet as a platform for data aquisition where team members are involved - or customers - who have to generate input. As the sheets are essentially shared, think of situations where many team members at different locations have to input data. 
Data can be anything: time series, experimental results, observations, in my case % complete values on tasks.
One can even organise a tagged data system and use the entries to feed a design application, an engineering app, whatever.
Students performing lab work, monitoring student performance, the limit is set by our imagination.

Capture the input of many team members who are working in coordination an synchronicity on the Smartsheet platform, then analyse and compute.

Interesting, I really miss a native nice interactive grid in Mathematica, with select, copy, past,  export and sort interface.
POSTED BY: Rodrigo Murta
Posted 10 years ago

Hello JP,

It was very generous of you to share and to take your time to be so very clear. Thank you.

I have set up the connection and have my data in Mathematica. I am now at the point of considering interface design. I see that yours is quite extensive. I am guessing that took a bit of work, and likely was built up over time.

Any advice for a beginning?

Thank you very much,


POSTED BY: Updating Name
Posted 11 years ago
Simply amazing .This is an Art Piece 
POSTED BY: nfaterpe
Very cool! Thanks for sharing!
POSTED BY: Arnoud Buzing
Jean Pierre, I think this is excellent - thank you for sharing. I also noticed you have a full publication on the topic and also mention this on your blog here. What practical cases you used or plan to use Mathematica-Smartsheet integration for? Basically what would be your recommendation to community on usage cases for this integration? - especially knowing that you are an expert on project management.
POSTED BY: Vitaliy Kaurov

Also, just found this: Nice bit


Hi Eve,

Thank you for your comment and questions. I the mean time, the interface to Smartsheet has evolved into a nice little package that I use quite often. I can share this package with you, and go through the functions on a step by step basis if you want to. I need to understand what you want to do in order to avoid confusion.

Step 1: What case are you in?
Case 1
On the one hand we have Smartsheet which most of the time is used to collect data.
On the other hand we have Mathematica with which we want to fetch data from Smartsheet and do some computing with it.
Case 2
We can also generate data with Mathematica and then deploy these through Smartheet
Case 3
Is the combination of Case 1 and Case 2

Questions to you:

  1. are you using Mathematica 10?
  2. which of the above cases best describes your problem?
  3. shouldn't we better use our private emails for more direct communication?
    Mine is:



Thank you JP,

Yes, in general my purpose was to test so more case 3. In particular, my aim was to test a way to gain insights into projects at a deeper/easier level in Mathematica, but without duplicating the project structure repeatedly. Ideally simplifying interfacing to project management tasks would also be a nice prize.

Many of the programs I have used for project management aim more heavily either at the software engineer/implementations team or the reporting/management side. Few of the products do well integrating all information for all levels of communication and management, and then invoicing and time structures are usually an afterthought. This seems an outdated model now.

Since it is easier than ever to integrate tools it now seems irresponsible to not at least understand what the options are. So, your experience on this one is highly useful.

Thank you, and thanks for the offer. I will reach out to you via email,


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