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Calls to FinancialData failing?

Posted 1 year ago
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Hi All,

Calls to FinancialData are failing for me this morning with the error message, "No internet connection can be established to the data source". This is occurring both on my local machine and on the web based Mathematica platform leading me to believe this is a back end problem with data source connectivity, presumably Yahoo Finance. A simple call such as FinancialData["SPY"] is failing.

Can someone attempt to replicate and reply back so I know the problem is not specific to me?

Also, if anyone has additional information on this issue I would love to hear. I am aware there are other data options available for a fee, but in my case I use so little of the data it does not make sense to pay $50 a month. Additionally, the FinancialData function is pretty convenient, but alas, unreliable.


6 Replies

Also this might come handy at some point: "Financial data from Quandl in Wolfram Language using QuandlLink"

The data is accessible through EntityValue

EntityValue[Entity["Financial", "NYSE:SPY"], "LatestTrade"]
Posted 1 year ago

I have the same problem but was able to get the data via WolframAlpha e.g. WolframAlpha["APPL close Nov 4 2016 to Nov 6 2017"]

You're right — we're working to get an update to FinancialData pushed out as soon as possible that will restore those basic calls and others that are currently failing.

Posted 1 year ago

Thanks so much!


Not working.

In[1]:= FinancialData["SPY"]

During evaluation of In[1]:= FinancialData::conopen: No internet connection can be established to the data source.

Out[1]= $Failed
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