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Impressions from the Wolfram Technology Conference 2013

Posted 11 years ago
I am just returning home from an invigorating  WTC13.  For those who couldn't come to the conference, we heard about many exciting things on WRI's near horizon. This was my second WTC and it was wonderful to see friends and colleagues from last year and make new ones this year.  If other members of this community have the opportunity and means to attend a future WTC: I do believe it produces immediate and future dividends.

With reference to this Community, Vitaliy has collected and analyzed interesting data about its evolution. Perhaps he will be able to share this sometime in the future.

Congratulations to the team who put the conference together.
POSTED BY: W. Craig Carter
12 Replies
Danielle, I signed the NDA when I went to the conferences in the past and would certainly be willing to do the same in order to watch the talks on the web.
POSTED BY: Frank Kampas
Seems to me that Stephen Wolfram's keynote talk and some of the developer talks could be put live on the web, for those of us who can't make it to the conference in person.
POSTED BY: Frank Kampas
Thank you for your comment!  As most of what Stephen and his team of developers spoke on at the conference is about new and upcoming features/products that have not yet been publicly announced, we must keep the information under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (for attendees only) until they are properly introduced to the public.
We appreciate your interest and can't wait to share the good news!
POSTED BY: Danielle Rommel
Craig, thanks for your kind comments. We do plan to publicize Community stats when we will get even more interesting details. I also must say that Wolfram Technology Conference feels always like a celebration to me. And there are quite a lot to celebrate: from technological advances to the high spirits of attendees and developers to great speeches and nice networking gatherings. Once a year people who develop technology get to meet those who put it to use - all in a wonderful atmosphere of curiosity, discoveries, learning, new and old friends, and of course humor and creativity. I do hope Wolfram Community will inherit this atmosphere to make every discussion a little celebration.
POSTED BY: Vitaliy Kaurov
I'd like to second Craig's comments. I have been attending these conferences off and on since the late 1990s, and they have always proven to be very useful. More people attend each year and there is a wide diversity of backgrounds. The age range of the attendees is greater than six decades.

I always enjoy meeting people at Wolfram that I previously knew only through e-mail.
Totally agree with your positive comments Craig.    The very high density of really smart and enthusiastic people both from Wolfram Research and end users attending is a lot of fun.   I am always pleased to connect the many names I am familar from the web to faces and to learn what they are doing and come up with new projects to begin.

Steve C.

Thank you for your kind words - it was truly a pleasure to be involved in such a wonderful meeting of the minds!

You are absolutely correct in that we'd love to publicly announce all the cool things we have going on, but tend to keep our cards close to the vest until they've been vetted and tested and re-tested....  One of the many reasons we love having individuals like yourself come to the Technology Conference - get a sneak-peek at what is in development and provide the ever-important feedback we need to keep progressing.

Stay tuned!

(Events Manager @ Wolfram)
POSTED BY: Danielle Rommel
Posted 11 years ago
"Quality Assurance and Consistency Checks"  are very important indeed.

Just Google "ObamaCare Website" for an example where quality assurance was not prioritized.
Attendees sign an NDA and cannot divulge what technologies and features which are displayed at the conference.   If you hear rumours about particular technologies, someone is being unscrupulous. 

I certainly get a very strong impression that many members of WRI are working very long hours up to and including the conference.  I doubt there is time to craft a careful announcement about a diverse set of new things. I would guess that there is a great deal of quality assurance and consistency checks that need to occur before the technologies are released or promised. 

I am in no position to guess when WRI would make an announcement, but I can appreciate why they would choose to be prudent about the timing of  announcements.
POSTED BY: W. Craig Carter
Posted 11 years ago
I too was expecting some news to come out of the event. Every year Wolfram host the conference, there seems to be silence immediatley following. This year in particular I was expecting some big news about Mathematica Online.
POSTED BY: Jon Rogers
Posted 11 years ago
I'm checking the wolfram website every few hours to see if any news are published
POSTED BY: Diego Zviovich
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